What’s kintone?

Kintone is a cloud service where everybody can build their business application.
  • 1.Collaborate data with one app

    Kintone is a platform that collaborates Email, excels, paper documents etc into comprehensible data.

  • 2. Share and update your team

    Kintone, consolidates required communication tool such as Whatsapp and data management tool such as Excel, making it possible to visualise the team’s effort.

  • 3.Easy to use

    Kintone, creates an easy to use environment for members with different office positions. Access controls, option to view or edit can be set according to requirement.

What Kintone can do?

Even if you have no knowledge in development, you can easily ‘create, operate, and register’
the system that suitable with your company’s tasks.
  • Report
  • Bizdev
  • Document
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • HR



Kintone that is used in several countries around the globe, now in India.Connect with international branches and clients in an efficient way. Leading companies in Japan, China, South Korea, Canada, Australia etc use Kintone to ease their administrative tasks and connect with their international branches and clients.

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